• Product Partnerships

    We Partner with Market Leaders

    Our products either substitute or complement established solutions:

    • Innovative solutions for new product generations
    • Adding highly innovative features to existing solutions
    • Co-development and outsourcing of product development

What We Do

Software Technology Ventures


Since 2006 we have been developing leading edge software technology and products in the area of search, documentation management and collaboration.

To be able to constantly reinvent ourselves and incubate exciting new software technology ventures, dadazunano has been focusing on three business models from the very beginning:

  • Product partnerships
  • Investments
  • Spinoffs

We see ourselves pushing innovation of software technology - as incubators who build sustainable business from great ideas.

  • We love the success that comes from creating business from real technological innovation.
  • We know that a great success story has a great team behind - and we are team players.
  • We believe in partnerships as cornerstone of long-term success.
Marktplatz 37
72250 Freudenstadt
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